"The Formus Platform provides valuable peace of mind to both surgeon and patient, adding an extra level of sophistication to the pre-op planning process."

Charting the Next Step in Hip Replacement Surgeries

Dr. Paul Monk
Consultant orthopedic surgeon

Formus Labs exists to facilitate better outcomes for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. By equipping surgeons with advanced, AI-driven software that streamlines the pre-operative planning process, we empower them to deliver optimal results.

This recent case study overseen by the head of our clinical advisory board, Dr. Paul Monk, provides a compelling real-world example of how our software improves outcomes in even the most challenging of cases.

The patient, a woman in her late-50’s, had developed advanced hip arthritis. She has undergone a traumatic amputation above the right knee as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident. Years spent mobilising with the use of an artificial lower leg placed undue pressure on her left hip joint, with her left leg serving as her primary weight-bearer. A hip replacement was needed to correct developmental problems and restore her ability to walk.

A particularly complex and high-stakes case, Formus Labs’ ACID (Automatic Custom Implant Design)-Hip software formed the bedrock of the pre-op planning process. ACID provided an exact 3D model of the joint, without any of the possible magnification errors commonly associated with the routine templating process. The result saw the patient up and about the very next day, and weeks later she remains in excellent shape.

“ACID provides valuable peace of mind to both surgeon and patient, adding an extra level of sophistication to the pre-op planning process. The software facilitates a more personalised approach, with improved accuracy of not only the size of the cup but also the anteversion and inclination that are unique to each patient’s dynamic loading ”, stated Dr. Monk.

An Oxford-educated orthopaedic surgeon held in high regard internationally for his clinical, research and development work, Dr. Monk is the ideal choice to head up our clinical advisory board. With a shared interest in computation modelling and the potential power that can bring to improving the lives of patients and surgeons worldwide, this pairing represents another perfect fit.

While traditional literature around the topic has been focused around dislocation, the bar for a successful outcome has to be far higher than merely avoiding a worst-case scenario. To raise the bar, a level of precision is required that is higher than what is currently available. These clinical evaluations are a key step in making that a reality for all surgeons.

Next up is a formal evaluation of Formus Labs’ ACID software versus standard templating procedures, with a soft start to these evaluations to begin as early December this year. With further clinical evaluations to follow and a product launch slated for Q2 2020, it’s an exciting time for the present and future of orthopaedics worldwide.

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